This is a type of pranayama breathwork meditation that can be done one-on-one with a healer, with couples, or in a group setting. I guide clients through the process of using a controlled breathing technique to move and release stuck energy in the body that are blocks to fulfilling our life purpose. The breathwork is a powerful healing tool that can help resolve anger, grief, love sickness, personal/professional stagnation and general dissatisfaction with life. The breathwork is also useful in manifestation.

Once blocks are released, we are more open to being in flow with the Universe and the Divine Plan for our life. Breathwork can be the gateway to attracting abundance - be it love, financial success, career success or whatever it is you want to create!

Breathwork is an essential practice of self-care and can be incredibly restorative and energizing. Think of it as pushing an emotional, spiritual and energetic reset button. Breathwork is safe for everyone. It helps to be open to the process and willing to do The Work.

As a result of doing this active mediation with breathwork, you may experience a range of sensations and feelings (often immediately!) that can include:

• Forgiveness

• Acceptance

• Inner-peace​

• Decreased stress

• Contentment

• Euphoria, elation, joy

• Optimism & positivity

• Increase creativity

• Unconditional love for self & others

• Deep relaxation

• Enhanced intuition

• Greater clarity

• Self-assurance

• Feeling grounded or centered

• Feeling connected to Spirit, Higher Power, Source, Creator or God

• Opened & aligned chakras

• Lightness of being

Breathwork can help heal undigested trauma or pain that is stored in the body. It can help open your heart so that you can be your authentic self – A child of God who is love and destined to give and receive love. Some people use breathwork to heal issues that surface as unhealthy patterns in their life (like in relationships) or for general well-being (like an energetic tune-up). The breathwork will send the healing energy wherever it is needed, all you have to do is breathe.