Amy Schaller, M.A.

I am a native of Tucson, Arizona with deep roots in my community. I have a Bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University and a Master's degree from the University of Arizona.

My healing journey began in 2007 when I got sober. Since then, I have explored many modalities to heal myself and grow personally. I have sought out support via counseling, psychotherapy, support groups, 12step recovery programs, self-help books and exercises, writer's groups, sweat ceremonies, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, Reiki, spiritual workshops, moon circles, and so much more.

Nothing has been as powerful as the healing I have experienced through practicing breathwork.

I have studied and trained with Danielle Hering, MFT at Thru The Heart Therapies and healer David Elliott to bring this unique breathwork modality to the Tucson community. I am also a Level II Reiki healer. I have found this work to be so transformative, that I was immediately called to share it with others. 

I am also a Level II Reiki Healer, trained by Chita Hearse, in Tucson, Arizona. I studied with gong teacher Jere Freidman, who trained with Don Conreaux, one of the five original Kundalini Yoga Teachers designated by Yogi Bhajan in 1969.  I use a 32 inch Chau gong and Crystal Tones Classic Frosted crystal singing bowls (G - Throat Chakra, E - Solar Plexus Chakra, C - Root Chakra)in my sessions.

I have completed Soul Medic, DNA Warriors, and Spirit Bridge training with Quynn Red Mountain of Web of Life Animist Church. These training have helped me develop and expand my intuitive abilities.