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Amy Schaller, M.A.

I am a native of Tucson, Arizona with deep roots in my community. I have a Bachelor's degree from Northern Arizona University and a Master's degree from the University of Arizona.

My healing journey began in 2007 when I got sober. Since then, I have explored many modalities to heal myself and grow personally. I have sought out support via counseling, psychotherapy, support groups, 12step recovery programs, self-help books and exercises, writer's groups, sweat ceremonies, massage therapy, hypnotherapy, acupuncture, Reiki, spiritual workshops, moon circles, and so much more.

Nothing has been as powerful as the healing I have experienced through practicing breathwork.

I have trained and apprentice with Nathaniel Hodder-Shipp, CEO of Breathwork for Recovery  and am a student of in their 800-hour breathwork clinician training program as part of my on-going education to offer the highest standard of care delivering trauma-centered healing services. 

I am also a Level II Reiki Healer, trained by Chita Hearse, in Tucson, Arizona. I studied with gong teacher Jere Freidman, who trained with Don Conreaux, one of the five original Kundalini Yoga Teachers designated by Yogi Bhajan in 1969.  I use a 32 inch Chau gong and Crystal Tones Classic Frosted crystal singing bowls (G - Throat Chakra, E - Solar Plexus Chakra, C - Root Chakra) in my sessions.

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