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I provide breathwork sessions one-on-one, with couples and in group settings.

A one-on-one session breathwork session takes 1 hour. We will discuss your goals and why you are seeking healing through breathwork. I will guide you through a controlled breathing technique while listening to music. I will apply essential oils (if you like) and provide you affirmations as you breathe.

A 1-hour individual session is available for a sliding fee scale $65-95.  

If you and your partner would like a couple's session to work on your relationship and grow closer, I would love to help! A 90 minute couple's session is $125-150. 

I can host small groups up to five people at my studio. If you have a larger group and space to host, I can also come to you. Please contact me for private group rates.

Sessions can be done in-person or via Zoom.

To book in-person sessions, please contact me at 520-975-3248.


I am a Level II Reiki Healer, trained by Chita Hearse, in Tucson, Arizona. I incorporate Reiki healing into all my individual sessions, however if you are interested in just Reiki healing please contact me to schedule.

Sound Healing

I also incorporate sound healing into my services.


I studied with gong teacher Jere Freidman, who trained with Don Conreaux, one of the five original Kundalini Yoga Teachers designated by Yogi Bhajan in 1969. I use a 32 inch Chau gong in my sessions. Gong sound healing sends vibrations through your entire body and removes blockages from every cell. Gong sound is a wonderful passive healing modality.

I also use Crystal Tones Classic Frosted crystal singing bowls (B - Crown, G - Throat Chakra, F- Heart, E - Solar Plexus Chakra, D - Sacral Chakra, C - Root Chakra), which create wonderful tones that clear and heal your energetic field.

If you would like to incorporate sound healing into your breathwork session, a 1.5 hour session is $125-150.

I am also available for private group sound baths, please reach out to discuss details.

To book in-person sessions, please contact me at 520-975-3248.

Groups, Retreats & Recovery Centers

I am also available for retreats, small private groups, and sessions for recovery/treatment centers.

Please contact me at 520-975-3248 for availability, rates and offerings.


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